It's a New Kind of DEx

  • A real decentralized exchange. No coin gateways or proxies.
  • A decentralized bridge between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
  • Trade directly with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monacoin, Ethereum and others.
  • Inspect the code yourself. Fully open-sourced.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge atomic swaps technology.
  • No third party custody of funds at anytime.
  • Easily trade Neblio NTP1 assets.
  • Connects to multiple nodes on the network thus no downtimes.
  • No central server and no central order book and charts.
  • No one owns the exchange and no one can lock up your funds.
  • One touch option to become a Critical Node.
  • Open multiple orders at the same time.
  • Trade with stablecoins USDC and DAI.
  • Powerful trading API for market making and bot trading.
  • This website down? The exchange will still run.

Mobile DEx Included

  • Trade anywhere, anytime.
  • Available now for all Android compatible phones.
  • Open orders stay open so you can trade in your sleep.
  • Mobile code is fully open sourced.
  • Very intuitive interface. Designed for ease of use.
  • No other Mobile DEX like it.
  • Runs in background to connect you to a network of Critical Nodes.
  • No sign up required. Just download and use instantly.
  • No central server and no central order book and charts.
  • Trade Bitcoin for wrapped Bitcoin and start earning interest.
  • This website down? The mobile app will still run.

And It's Easy


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