Developer Update 3
June 14th, 2018

Thank you for your interest in NebliDex, a Neblio decentralized exchange like no other. The time has come for the public beta as it will be started next week. The private beta has been successful thus far and has revealed bugs and issues that have been fixed accordingly. I expect the public beta to reveal the same and for those issues to be fixed accordingly. Like always, you can get the latest information via Telegram in NebliDex Unofficial. Also visit the NebliDex Official Twitter for official notices from the team.

Public Beta Run Down
You will soon get the opportunity to try out NebliDex on your Windows personal computer. There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind while you are test trading:
  • The public beta is entirely on TESTNET. Save your personal NDEX in your own Orion wallet for now. You will need testnet NDEX, BTC, LTC, TRIF and NEBL to trade. I will discuss below methods to acquire testnet coins.
  • Join the NebliDex Dev Center group on telegram when the beta goes public. You will be able to ask questions and receive technical responses. A link to this group will be available after public beta launches.
  • Read the readme_first document before opening the program. It will answer a lot of questions that you may potentially have.
  • There will be updates to the client frequently, possibly daily or more. Please check this website at least daily as it will display the most recent build in UTC time and date. Update your trader and critical nodes accordingly when an update is available. When NebliDex goes on Mainnet, version control will be used instead.
  • If something happens unusual or unexpected in NebliDex, please submit a Bug Report with details of the issue. Alongside that report, attach a copy of your debug.log file (found in your data folder). Also check out the Dev Center group, and mention the issue.
If you follow the guidelines above, NebliDex will become better for you and for your trading. Once again, welcome to NebliDex!

Testnet Faucets
Like mentioned previously, the public beta will be entirely on Testnet. Testnet is a network for cryptocurrencies that utilizes fake money. It is similar to Mainnet in every other way (except of address version byte). This is done to ensure that you do not lose any real money if something goes wrong during testing. In order to trade on NebliDex, you will need testnet tokens/coins. Here are some faucets listed below that are currently online:
Neblio - Neblio faucet requires that you enter in satoshi amounts (1 NEBL = 100,000,000 satoshi)
NebliDex Token
You can get some from the exchange directly or ask one of the admins on NebliDex Unofficial or NebliDex Dev Center (when it goes live).
Trifid Token
Similarly, you can get some from the exchange directly or ask one of the admins on NebliDex Unofficial or NebliDex Dev Center (when it goes live). NebliDex uses the Testnet TROF symbol on Testnet for Trifid.

Critical Node Requests
If you would like to test out Critical Node functionality and would like to make sure that your network is configured correctly, now is your chance. Let one of the group admins know from the Dev Center group that you would like to test out being a critical node and they will send you 39,000 testnet NDEX to play around with. Make sure that when you decide to try out CN functionality, you follow the rules of running a CN or you can be banned even on testnet. Rules are mentioned in the first developer update and in the readme_first file. Having the required amount of tokens will be the first step in order to become a critical node. Make sure your CN stays up to date with the latest version as well.

Many of you will have network configurations that block inbound connections (required to operate a CN) by default. You will be rejected as a CN if you do not have the proper configuration. Follow these steps if you have problems connecting. After each step, try to reconnect again:
  1. Enable NebliDex to connect to the internet by selecting Allow on the Windows Firewall prompt. This prompt should appear automatically when you activate as a critical node.
  2. If behind a router, you may have to enable port forwarding. Find your router instructions on port forwarding and forward the testnet port to the computer running NebliDex.
  3. If behind a virtual machine, you may have to configure your machine to a bridged network or a NAT that does not rewrite the incoming/source IP addresses.
  4. If behind a VPN, contact your VPN provider on instructions how to port forward connections to your computer.
  5. If on a mobile hotspot, be aware that most phones do not support inbound connections through hotspots.
  6. If trying to run a NebliDex CN via a Tor Onion address, be aware that NebliDex does not support Tor at this time.
  7. If still not working, contact your ISP for information on how to accept connections to your local computer / how to obtain a static IP address.
  8. Finally, ask for help on NebliDex Dev Center group or you can purchase a VPS that is configured for Windows OS.

Public Beta Goals
The main purpose of the beta is to discover bugs not request features. Please limit the amount of features that are requested to a minimum. Also try to heavily use the platform during the beta testing phase. The more bugs that are discovered during testing, the more robust the platform will be when it is launched; however, try to run the platform as it was designed to run. Bugs of interest at this time are those that occur from normal usage.

The beta will run until there are no more bugs discovered or at least until early to mid July, at which point, a Mainnet launch will be planned and initiated. During the beta, there will be a daily load test at 19:00 UTC for 1 hour. If you are not available at any other time, please come online at that time to trade.

We are looking forward to having you on-board for the NebliDex public beta starting next week!