Developer Update 4
July 22nd, 2018

NebliDex has finally launched successfully on MainNet and on schedule! The software has been a product months in the making and could not have been made possible without the help of those who participated in the beta testing. You can already trade in 8 different markets now by visiting the homepage and downloading the client. Please be sure to always get the latest version and join our official Development Telegram group and the unofficial NebliDex Community group. Don't forget to participate in our community contest this month. You can win 15,000 NDEX just by creating a video on how to use NebliDex! Join the telegram group to find out how. Entries must be in by July 31st.

NebliDex Development Future
Just because NebliDex is released, doesn't mean that it is finished being developed. There are exciting new features planned for the next major release of the product based on the input from those in the community. This is why it is important to contribute your thoughts, submit your bug reports and share your experiences via the NebliDex telegrams. As mentioned in a previous development update, NebliDex will go into full marketing gear once the client is available for all 3 major operating systems. The Windows client is the original and is available for download and the Linux client is the next one planned in the development pipeline. In fact, development has already started on it and much of the work has already been completed:

Once the Linux version has been completed and released, a Mac version will be developed.

Next Major Release
Here is a list of features planned for the next major release of NebliDex:
  • NebliDex will load on-startup into the NDEX/NEBL pair.
  • NebliDex database file will implement version control.
  • NebliDex will give the makers the ability to set a minimum amount of quantity per trade.
  • NebliDex fee rules will change in that buyers of NDEX will be required to pay half the fee.
  • NebliDex will automatically repost cancelled maker orders that haven't been completely filled.
  • NebliDex will allow users to post multiple orders simultaneously up to 8 at one time.
  • NebliDex will allow users to withdraw from account while open orders are present, unless they are in an active trade.
All of the features above will increase the usability of NebliDex and most of them require a protocol change to the NebliDex network. Because of that, the next major release will be marked by an increment in the version number for the file with something similar to 2.x.x compared to the current 1.x.x. This means that the new version will be incompatible with the previous releases and all users of NebliDex will need to download the new version. This includes users that are running Critical Nodes. However, like before, only the executable will need to be changed as all accessory data files are still compatible.

Because of the way NebliDex deals directly with blockchain transactions, it currently will allow only one open order running at one time. This platform limitation will be overcome with the implementation of queued orders. NebliDex will still only allow one open order to be executed at one time but it will begin to save other open orders into a queue that will become active when that executed order has been completed. Open orders are queued when one of them is executed and reposted after its completion. Similar, when withdrawing, all open orders are queued then reposted after completion of the withdrawal, if funds are still available.

Currently, NebliDex allows buyers of NDEX to avoid paying a CN fee because the seller of NDEX pays the fee for both parties. This was due to the fact that the buyer of NDEX may not have any NDEX to cover his/her cost of the transaction. In the update, this fee will be paid by both parties equally. The seller will pay the entire CN fee like before but the buyer will receive his/her requested amount minus the fee that he/she is required to pay. For example, if the CN fee is 100 NDEX and the trade is for 300 NDEX, the seller will pay the CN fee of 100 NDEX and send the buyer 250 NDEX thus it would be equivalent to the buyer paying half the CN fee (50 NDEX) and the seller paying half (50 NDEX).

Token Listing Criteria
As NebliDex is to become a hub for quality NTP1 tokens, there will be a policy implemented for listing tokens. When a new token is added to the client, it will need to have a market created for it and the entire NebliDex network will need to recognize its market, thus requiring a protocol update to the network. This is why new tokens will be added in batches to decrease the amount of updates when new tokens are added to the client. Although a formal token listing form has not been posted yet, here are some general guidelines to consider if your NTP1 project is interested on getting on NebliDex:
  • Must have strong community support and engagement for your NTP1 project.
  • Must have a project connected to the token with a functional website.
  • Must allow token to be freely transferable to other people without limitation or smart contract restrictions.
  • If ICO was used initially, token must have already been distributed to all buyers before applying for listing.
  • Project associated with token must have serious use cases.
  • Must have strong buy interest from people in the Neblio community.
An official token submission form will be released after the next major release of NebliDex is available.

NebliDex API
The NebliDex API is currently online but it is undocumented. Here is a broad overview of the API. The API works by directly connecting to a reliable Critical Node on the NebliDex and requesting market data from it every 15 minutes. Data returned represents the most recent rolling 24 hours. Commands are case sensitive.

The API base url is:
And there are currently only two commands:

This will return the last price of the trade coin/token compared to the base coin/token.

This will return the market volume of the pair during the last 24 hours expressed in both trade amount and base amount separated by a newline character.


Remember, this is only the beginning for NebliDex. Please follow its development on Twitter and check the site often for new information and new releases.