Get your ERC20 or NTP1 token onto NebliDex

It is easy to get your blockchain project token onto NebliDex, the Neblio decentralized exchange, just follow the guidelines below then apply. Ethereum tokens are now welcomed! Listing fee shown below.
Your ERC20 or NTP1 token must meet all of the following requirements:
  • There is strong community support and engagement for my token's project.
  • There is a project team connected to this token with a functional website.
  • This token is freely transferable to other people without limitation or smart contract restrictions.
  • This token has already been distributed to people outside of my project team accounts.
  • My project team can provide liquidity for the token on NebliDex and make markets.
  • The project associated with token has a real world use-case.
  • The token is not a security and there is no promise to buyers of guaranteed returns.
  • My project team can pay the listing fee of $1200 USD in NDEX tokens.

Supported Assets